Well, the launch of a much needed new website got me thinking about what could I possibly choose to blog about first…So after deliberating for just a short time, I thought why not share with you a little of how Honey Pots came to be.

I always knew that I wanted to work in the childcare sector, so after high school, I pursued what was then called the N.N.E.B (Nursery Nurse Examination Board) diploma in childcare. Over two years of full-time training I was able to go out and gain solid hands-on experience.

After several years of working hard and gaining valuable experience within both private and government nurseries, I started a little ‘Nursey’ of my own. I had started my own family. At the time I was 23 years old and a mum of two girls, a newborn and one of 18 months. As you can imagine my hands were pretty full. But I decided to do something for myself, to take a leap.

My first challenge was creating Honey Pots in Burton, I was juggling being a new parent and being a businesswoman, surprisingly, I found the challenge to be exciting and new, I was ready to take on anything.

In a short space of time, I had learned an awful lot about business and employment obligations and somehow along the way, I had turned into a businesswoman.

Within this time I gained the opportunity to work self-employed with a safeguarding team, safeguarding is an area that I have committed to and specialised in, assisting with families and especially children to empower them to have a voice. In March 2014 I once again found the opportunity to branch out, purchasing a further provision in Swadlincote and building on the reputation of Honey Pots.
To this day, I remain in my heart that Honey Pots success comes from my passion for the welfare and love of children. The time has just flown, my family has grown and along the way, I had a third daughter and a son.

If nothing else you probably appreciate I love children and love being busy! 🙂