Meal Times

Meal times are an integral and social part of the day for children and practitioners alike. The Honey Pots is committed to offering our children healthy nutritious and balanced meals and snacks that meet individual needs and requirements.

The management team have secured their knowledge and have undergone nutritional training to ensure we follow the guidance laid down by the Early Years Code of Practice for Food and Drink. All practitioners at Honey Pots are Food Safety trained.

We have devised a four weekly seasonal menu, to ensure the children are able to try a variety of foods. Menus are regularly reviewed and updated, taking into account the seasons, special events and feedback from both our parents and interaction with the children during mealtimes.

Healthy Eating, Health Minds

Throughout the day, including meal and snack times we actively promote positive attitudes towards healthy eating with a no rush or fuss attitude. Practitioners will encourage knife, fork and spoon control, good table manners and independence through selective self serve and pouring their own drinks.

Before meal times the children are encouraged to wash their hands. After meal times our children are each provided with a warm flannel and encouraged to clean their teeth, maintaining good hygiene routines. 

Meal Times

Breakfast is served between 7am – 8.30am Mid-morning snack approximately 10am.

2 Course Dinner approximately noon a Mid-afternoon snack approximately 2pm and a light tea approximately 4pm.

Fresh water is of constantly available and offered continually throughout the day, however milk is offered at dinner, tea and snack times only.

Though we don’t encourage you to provide squash, this is an option for those children that prefer it lightly added to their water as we much prefer to keep our little ones hydrated!

We totally appreciate that babies are fed on demand and are more than happy to work closely with our parents to adhere home from home customised routines are followed.

Honey Pots is registered with the Local Environmental Agency and is inspected annually.