Understanding Your Child

Here at Honey Pots your child’s interests is the foundation of your child’s learning. On registration we spend plenty of time finding out what your child enjoys and is interested in. This enables us to provide activities based on their interests from the very first moments with us ensuring that they are happy, engaged and supported. We continue to monitor and update this information changing activities accordingly and ensuring that the children’s learning is confidently nurtured and challenged.

Keep Updated With Your Childs Progress

Famly is an additional convenient facility provided for all our families. It is a professional secure online software that parents can have the added benefits of at the touch of their finger tips.

Famly secures our partnership with parents and enables a consistent two way system between families and nursery. The facility documents daily information such as meals, nappies/toileting, sleeps. This software allows practitioners to capture photos and complete observations in the moment of the children during activities of what they have done and document them immediately. This enables practitioners to link vital observations to the seven areas of learning including the age and stage of development that your child is assessed at and based on this information the child’s learning journey begins.

Termly summaries and 2 year old progress checks are produced via the  information recorded through Famly.

Famly allows parents to upload observations and photos taken from home, securing links and contributing towards setting the child’s next steps.


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